A goofy smile, bloodshot eyes, and munchies – these are the three giveaway signs that you’ve been smoking/vaping/eating marijuana (cross out the unnecessary). While we’re not going to talk about giggling and lying about allergies to people asking ‘have you been smoking marijuana?’, we will discuss the third sign in this article, which is, of

Cannabis has a myriad of health benefits and only few (if any) side effects, none of which can be considered serious. Nonetheless, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, it’s perfectly understandable that you have many questions regarding cannabis. How will it affect me? What is the optimal dosage for beginners? How to consume cannabis for

War on Drugs: The True Menace to Society

While marijuana laws are certainly becoming more progressive in the United States, draconian laws remain in place in many states. There were over 650,000 cannabis-related arrests last year alone, and 90% of these were for possession only. Despite the fact that all races seem to use at roughly the same rates, a disproportionate number of

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As the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. This is certainly true in regards to hemp. As far back as 8000 BC, hemp was cultivated for textiles in Mesopotamia and beyond. Chinese literature refers to hemp cultivation in the third millennium BC. By 3000 years ago, Hemp was used for a multitude

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